Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Instagram Recap

 All the leaves are gone from our neighborhood... but this one at Arctic Circle was holding strong.

 Poor Jakey burned his hands on the fireplace. It was quite the ordeal.

Here he is a little happier. Mom got smart and wrapped them up air-tight.

 Turkey, Bacon, Avocado on Foccacia. Best thing on Kneader's menu.

 Winter Wonderland.

 Style savvy winter goddess.

 Making Coke Cake for dinner guests.

 Getting my Christmas on a little early. Big plans for the mantle this year.

 Wreath #2.

 Wreath #3.

 Wreath #4.

 The final product. Thanks, Blaine for building the frame for me.

Poor Woody was in time out all day. I finally talked Jake into letting him out but Sarah promtly put him back in the corner. She said he "hit" her. Hmmmm...

 CandyLand is serious business.

 Thanksgiving tree for Family Night/Preschool.

 Thanksgiving feast apple turnovers with a little cranberry sauce. Sooooooo good.

Michelle won Jake's heart when she brought him back a shiny, new cozy cone cup from Disney's Cars Land. This boy couldn't be happier... and he's almost completely forgotten that his mom left his last one on top of the car in Vegas. Oops.

 Happy guy.

Christmas went up early this year at our house... like, before Thanksgiving early. I figured with a New Mexico Thanksgiving and a New York City trip for Blaine and me right after, I should just go for it. Worth it. In fact--I may start doing this every year we go out of town for Thanksgiving.

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