Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Funny Santa" 2013

This year's "Funny Santa" gift exchange was, as always, awesome.
We had it a little late this year, as we are not all together for Christmas... good thing baby Luke came around :) Nothing brings families together like a newborn.

Sadly, Blaine got stuck at work and couldn't make it. Too bad... because his present might have been my favorite.
My little girl kills me. Check out her bling.
I had to confiscate her cousin, Isabel's pageant tiara. :)

Love these little cousin friends.

My dad opening his present...

...A "What Would Gibbs Do?" plaque--complete with all of Gibbs' rules.
as well as a how-to-give-a-head-slap "Gibbs' style". (NCIS)

My mom's present was probably the most impressive and elaborate of them all.
Scott and Megan had been finding and collecting random shoes on the side of the road for about a year! My mom has always been fascinated my the weird single shoes you always see on sides of roads. Every single shoe was labeled with a description of where it was found. 

Each and every one of them was hilarious.

Matt's present was both "nice" and "naughty"...
 A "holy toast" stamp. It stamps the Virgin Mary into toast. For real.

Matt also got his most favorite "Leprechaun" movie, Lep in Da Hood.

With the Richardsons' increasing family... and an upcoming mini-van, it's only fitting that Laurel got some family stickers for her new ride.

As well as some much needed maternity clothes that may or may not have been worn by my mother when she was pregnant with Laurel herself.

My present was a box full of old *NSync memorabilia. Awesome, right? I know... so great. I got pictures from a concert (thanks to Michelle), a Justin marionette doll (thanks to Laurel), a butt load of movies and TV performance recordings (thanks to all three of us and my mom--who has saved them), and a letter of apology Laurel and I wrote to the boys when we snuck into their concert in our not-so-long-ago-youth. Soooooooooo embarrassing. :)

Michelle received Brett's old Holiday Oil work t-shirt. It is so bad and even showcases imporoper use of "your". 

It should be "you're", by the way... Michelle has wanted this shirt forever.

As the working English teacher in the family... she SHOULD have it.
(And maybe I'll just steal it on the weekends.)

My Dad's been saving his Coke bottle-caps for about eighty dollars now.
Worth it.
Coke points--galore.

Scott got this Darth Vader helmet that we found at D.I. (same trip as the holy toast find!). It totally works.

We also found his this bitchin' Star Wars pop-up book. That he was genunily stoked about it.
Well, he was genuinly stoked about both items, actually.

Megan's present came in the mail JUST in time. It was perfect. A "Murder She Wrote" four-movie DVD collection. She was overjoyed and couldn't wait for her next day off to veg out with Angela Lansbury.

I am loving Jason's face here... This guy has been stuck in Beaver, UT too many times to count. So much so that he has a fear of traveling South on I-15 now. (He also got the snow shovel to help dig his way out of Beaver the next time.)
Personally, I love the double-meaning of the shirt. I may have been the only one though.

Brett's was another two-parter-present...

"Juwanna Mann", the movie.
(The worst movie ever made, by the way.)

And an old jock strap. Brett's face makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it.
Apparently, Brett was the only kid showing up to gym class with a jock strap. Our dad's "old school". :)

Jason's face is awesome.

Robyn got a hand-made bullet casing necklace. My dad drilled into all of these to make this beauty for our country girl.

See? Beautiful.

This last one is odd, but I had to include it. I think it was actally taken by one of my kids, but I just love that Brett is demonstrating how a younger Matt thought a jock strap should be worn.

And our very last one... DeeDee with her first Richardson grandson. Sweet.


dxeechick said...

you guys seriously slay me. hilarious

LEE BIEN said...

Yes, we did it again. And there weren't even any dirty ones this year!

LEE BIEN said...

You need to post a photo and caption regarding the "Funny Santa" gift that Blaine received. Due to a work crunch, the poor guy had to miss out on the fun! I kind of loved Blaine's present this year.

Candice said...

Thanks for posting pic and descriptions of all the gifts. You guys are so funny. I laughed over each of these- especially the old shoes. What a fun tradition.

Scott and Megan said...

OH this year was especially exciting for me! I feel like it was funny santa for a whole year every time we found a shoe!!! THis documentation is killer!!!! Nice work Alicia! I miss blogging!!!:)