Thursday, February 7, 2013

Preschool weeks P & Q

I had two weeks of preschool thanks to my awesome friends I do this with... so that I wouldn't have to worry about March when baby boy comes along. 
But, thanks to a couple rounds of sickness, I had to cancel. Twice. I still feel terrible about it, but there it is. What do you do?
Anyway, We had one day of P and one of  Q. My friend, Angi hosted a pizza party and did hte penguin craft I had planned and this week I got to go the "questionnaires" with the kids at Becky's to finish up what I had started. 
These same friends also came through for me and brought me dinner when I was sick. How lucky am I??? I know.

Cute kids... Sarah, Ashleigh, Molly, Hartley, Lily, Jake, and Ty.
All holding their "quills".







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