Monday, December 30, 2013

Funny Santa 2014

Our Funny Santa exchange this year was a little crazy, as it had to happen on the wedding day, but it was still awesome as ever.

Kaiya and Sarah wanted to use their moms' ribbons for their hair. Pretty normal for Kaiya but seriously hilarious for Sarah and her lack of hair. I'm just glad she asked Michelle to do it and not me. I don't think I could have pulled it off. Ha!
By the way, I don't have pictures of Michelle's, Laurel's, and my presents... they were all the same and all awesome: MRF bracelets (a la Arrested Development!).

Blaine's new t-shirt "I am not a terrorist"... just in case there was any question about his beard.

Lisa's new knee pads. I mean, bras.

Nannie's "nanny-goat".

Mom's rental application for the missionaries... because she just "loved" having them live in her house for five months.

Brett's "real bad-asses don't look back on big explosions" picture... or something like that.

Robyn's Vin Diesel/Robyn/Paul Walker trifecta. R.I.P.

Dad's "Rifleman" magazine hidden inside an "Ensign".

Megan's fake-freak mouse and its prescription bottle.

Scott's gigantic jar of worms in preparation for Guatelama.

Jaasson Wallace: MVD

Brad's sex information book.

Hannah's wedding night naughty nighty.

Matt's wedding night body-building tip book.

We couldn't believe it, but little mark actually fell asleep during all the hubbub.
It was a fun break between wedding festivities.

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