Monday, February 27, 2012


February 14th was pretty great at our house. Jake, Sarah, and I put together a treasure hunt for Daddy.  I asked Jakey what he loves to do with Daddy, and this is what he came up with... We wrote them up and hid them all over the house. It. Was. Awesome.

  • Playing a game of Hide and Seek in the basement together.
  • Watching Cinderella and Thomas with Daddy.
  •  Playing Trains with Daddy upstairs in my room and downstairs in the basement.
  •  Going to Home Depot with Daddy.
  •  Filling up the water and looking at trains at Walmart with Daddy.
  •  I love it when Daddy comes home and I’m sad when he goes to work.
  •  I love going to Disneyworld  and Disneyland with Daddy.
  •  I love to make dinner with Daddy.
  •  I love when Daddy makes me pancakes.
  •  I love visiting Daddy at work and giving him treats.

The balloons were my contribution... favorite memories tied to each balloon.  I won't share those... too embarrassing.


Laurel said...

You are so cute to do that. :-) You are an amazing mother and wife -- Blaine and those kids of yours sure are lucky to have you around!!!

I love you, sister.

LEE BIEN said...

This little treasure hunt is so precious to me. I also love the balloon idea. Saying "I love you" never goes out of style.