Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I sometimes get a little flack for loving John Mayer. I know he dated Jessica Simpson. I try to forget it sometimes but it did happen. I should just get over it already.

He also makes music. Good music. But this one is my favorite.

Continuum is killer. It's bluesy and romantic and a little bit hopeless. I love it. And today it's the perfect antidote for me. Music is my personal healer and today John delivered. I got to listen to it and take a shower all by myself today while Blaine took the kids to Home Depot (and brought home Chili's chips and salsa!) and it was heaven... Make fun all you want-- just promise you'll give this album a good, hard listen. It's a good one.


Laurel said...

I LOVE Continuum! And I'm super jealous of your shower completely by yourself with an encore of Chili's chips and salsa. That Blaine sure knows the way to your heart. <3

Love you.

Jen Carter said...


dxeechick said...

i agree!

LEE BIEN said...

Dad told me that he sent you an "I love you but I hate John Mayer" email today. Hilarious! You gotta love Papa Big Bear.

Christy said...

I don't know what the John Mayer haters are talking about. He's sexy, an amazing musician and has made it in the music business, things very hard for anyone to do nowadays. This album was f'amazing! I still listen to it and go faint. You go girl, getchyo Mayer ON (you have to say it with some soul).